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After Sales


We want to make sure our customers get the most out their products by teaching them best operator practices along with correct maintenance procedures. With proper training, we can help increase your machines productivity as well as increase its products life. Training can be arranged on site and our staff is prepared to work with you to accommodate your special requests and needs. 

Spare parts and repairs

It is important to us that you get the most out of your product. That means proper maintenance, which requires a good source for spare parts. We take pride in our ability to meet customers needs when it comes to repairs and spare parts. Please visit one of our branches and workshops if you would like us to do your routine maintenance for you or if you need a repair. Our technicians will get your machine up and running and back to work as quickly as possible. On-site visits can be arranged with our mechanics under certain circumstances. 


Garden and Farm is the authorized distributors for all the products we sell and our trained technicians are ready to take care of any warranty work you may need according to the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.